All of us ladies can agree that one of the best parts of the day is when we get home and are finally able to unclamp that bra and drop it to the floor, free-falling would this be the case if we were wearing the right kind of bras? It’s no secret that there are a lot of false myths and contention surrounding getting a night’s rest while wearing a bra, but I am here to tell you something very important; you cannot get breast cancer from sleeping with support and it won’t encourage early-age sagging. It couldn’t actually do the exact opposite. There are many incredible benefits to wearing a bra at night and with some very simple tricks, you can ensure that you are doing it comfortably. After all, wearing such an essential piece of fashion and wardrobe should never feel like a hassle.

Support or No Support

This is the question; do you go with support for 8 hours at night or without, and what you think is better. It’s common sense; the better support you have for your chest, the more comfort you feel and the less back pain you experience over time, as well as many other things, of course. Fortunately, there is no link between health risks and wearing a bra to bed. Additionally, many ladies worry that wearing a bra during the night can cause early sagging, but the truth is that not wearing a bra can actually contribute to sagging. Keeping your breasts supported regularly will keep them up a lot longer than if you were to alternate or not wear a bra at all; or worse, wear a poorly made bra. This is especially true for larger breasts sizes and if you’ve been struggling with the concept of having to wear something uncomfortable to bed to enjoy the support, the following simple trick is for you.

It’s the Kind of Bra

Yes, the kind of bra that you wear, whether day or night will play a strong part in the comfort that you feel. While wearing an underwire during the day for an extra pick-me-up is ideal, the same can’t necessarily be said for nighttime wear. Instead, you want to wear a style that is light weight and without any wire as it can dig into you throughout the night make sleeping uncomfortable. You always want to wear a bra that isn’t too tight and has soft cups for additional support.

Health Risks of Night-Time Wear

It isn’t wearing a bra at night that can create health risks, but rather, the kind of bra that you wear as underwires, as mentioned, can dig into your skin throughout the night and can even cause cysts and irritation. Additionally, no bra, whether for day or night should be extremely tight as it can cut off certain forms of circulation which can create fluid accumulation in the breasts and even result in non-cancerous changes in the shape or size of a lymph node which are found in your underarm. These are responsible for draining any fluids from your breasts, and if your bra is too tight, it can deter this process causing infection. Again though, it isn’t that you are wearing a bra at night, but rather, that you’re wearing the wrong kind of style and no bra should ever be extremely tight whether you’re wearing it for day or nighttime.

And there you have it, ladies. There is absolutely no problem sleeping in a bra and it will not cause any health problems. However, you must always place important on the quality and style of bras to ensure proper wear and comfort. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether you want that extra support.

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