Conquer The Pregnancy Bra Debates with the Best Bra Styles During Pregnancy

When it comes to building a little baby inside of you, anything that gives you additional support and comfort is always a win, and that’s not to mention that that is exactly what your bras should be providing – pregnant and not. One of the first changes you experience with your body when pregnant is a change in your breast size, so you will certainly be purchasing new bras in your near future. But before you do that, let’s make sure that you are selecting the optimal option for you. While the cheap bras may seem enticing since you may only be wearing them for a year and a bit, their quality may not even last as long as you need them to, and you definitely won’t be receiving the comfort and functionality that all moms-to-be and new-moms need. Splurge a bit and you – and your bosoms will be thankful that you did.

When to Get your First Maternity Bra?

As soon as your current bras start feeling uncomfortable, switch over to a maternity bra. After all, your bra size isn’t going to get any smaller until after you give birth so those bras are going to continue to be an irritating nuisance. Your breasts may also become more sensitive throughout your pregnancy, and the materials used in high quality maternity bras can help provide you with optimal comfort and support as your body continues to change during your pregnancy.

Maternity Bra VS. Nursing Bra

This bra debate is common amongst moms-to-be. The main difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra is that nursing bras have straps that unclip from the front, allowing the cup to fold down so you can breastfeed conveniently and comfortably. If you aren’t breastfeeding, there’s no need for a nursing bra. Both styles of pregnancy bras do offer the added support and comfort that is highly desired during the next 9 months of your life and for much longer as well, until your breasts and body go back to your pre-pregnancy shape and size. You can also get both styles with underwire or without which is another pregnancy bra debate to conquer before going on a bra shopping spree.

To Opt for Underwire or Not

This is also a pregnancy bra debate that almost every woman goes through and it truly comes down to your personal preference. With your body expanding, you may not want to commit to an underwire despite it giving you additional support because it could become uncomfortable if you’re still growing. However, there are many pregnant women who love their underwire maternity bras and others prefer to opt for maternity bra styles that have wide, soft cotton bands instead. To help you decide whether to go with underwire bras or not, look at styles that have adjustable closures that can grow with you and always find maternity bras that have supportive straps that will take the strain off of your shoulders.

Some other key things to remember when purchasing pregnancy bras is to avoid inner seams as your new-found breast sensitivity may become irritated by them, and although supportive sports bras may seem like a good idea at first, tugging one over your head can become pretty difficult the further you get into your pregnancy. Whatever pregnancy bra style you choose though, Lilli Lingerie has you covered.

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