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Our corporate responsibilities – to bring cancer survivors together in an informal setting of sharing and to be of an inspiration to others. How did these survivors beat the odds? What was their attitude? How was their outlook on life? How is life different after surviving Breast Cancer? All these questions and more were answered by the survivors and we did get up close and personal with their stories. It was indeed a night of feasting and sharing and get to know other breast cancer survivors in the country.

Lili Yong-Goh, bringing cancer survivors organiser said that, “Last night (Oct 14) I invited few of our breast cancer survivor clients to an informal dinner in iLotus. This was also our first time we have ever done something like this. The aim is for the survivors to share their inspiring stories and their journey with others And to provide a support pillar for each other and to get to know other survivors in the country. Out of the 18 clients we had, 3 graciously consented to the dinner. It was indeed a wonderful evening filled with real experiences that expand our knowledge towards this dreaded disease. We know that when cancer is diagnosed early it is never a death sentence. We also know that the right support from friends and families are important. We also learned that medical help and to seek 2nd opinion is key and not rely on alternative treatment. Let’s all stand together to fight this disease!”

ILotus happened to have a wedding party the following day and the theme was pink. What a coincidence so all our chairs were decorated pink as well. We had an international group of survivors as well. Susan Smith from Australia; Irene Wong from Brunei. Frieda (Patsy Aveda) from Philipines. — with Aine Abdurasid and Susan Wendy Hall Smith at iLotus.

Susan Smith has been cancer free for 8 years and counting. And Frieda has been cancer free for 9 years and counting. Susan was diagnosed at stage 2-3 and Frieda was diagnosed at stage 0-1. So Frieda doesn’t even need to undergo chemo just radiotherapy. Both had such a positive outlook on life now. They both said that they are living each day as if it’s their last and making each and everyday counts.

Our press write up in Borneo Bulletin today (Oct 15, 16) detailing the stories about our survivors stories.

Our article in Brunei Times in full colour in today’s paper (Oct 15). What a great way to get survivors together to support each other.

Our scrumptious food – tofu, lotus root, veggies, smoke chicken, prawns, Fish, and soup.

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