New Year, New Year! It seems like year after year, everyone makes it their New Year’s resolution to improve themselves in one way or another. Unfortunately, very few people actually stick with their New Year’s resolution for a wide variety of reasons. Some people are too busy, or the goal seems too far out of reach, and others simply forget why they even made a New Year’s resolution in the first place. Too much champagne when the ball drops will do that to you.  But today, we are going to change that. If you’ve been lacking motivation or have already fallen off the wagon, it’s time to pick yourself back up. Here are our favorite ways to accomplish New Year’s resolutions – the Lilli Lingerie way. Our Anita sports bra collection will surely help us along the way.

Remember the why

Often times, we make these New Year’s resolutions with a superficial reason in mind. You want to start working out because you want to lose weight, or your goal is to start eating cleaner in an effort to get a beach body. However, if you look a little bit deeper, you can find a more meaningful reason for committing to your New Year’s resolution and this can hep you stick with it.

So, instead of working out or eating clean just to lose weight, make it your goal to exercise regularly so you can live a healthier, happier and stronger life. Whatever your resolution is, find a truly deep and meaningful reason for wanting to achieve it , and you’ll feel more encouraged to do just that.

Make it easier to achieve

You can never have a goal too far out of reach. Some are harder to achieve but everything can be accomplished. The secret is to make your New Year’s resolution easier. If you want to go to the gym regularly in 2017, a bad sports bra and lack of exercise clothes can quickly make it a dreadful task. If you want to eat clean, not having a plethora of new healthy recipes to try will make your new endeavor a daunting one.

So, create a plan on what needs to be done to achieve your New Year’s resolution. It could be a step-by-step guide or something as simple as purchasing a new sports bra that you look amazing in – and feel amazingly comfortable in. After all, you’re never going to want to hit up the gym if your luxury sports bra digs into you in every place a bra never should.

There’s always a way to make things easier, and discovering them can help you see the light at the end of the treadmill – or whatever it is that your resolution is based on.

Create a system of support and influencers 

The worst thing you can do is head into your New Year’s resolution feeling completely alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on your friends and family to break a sweat with you at the gym. Technology has made it incredibly easy to find the support you need to tackle your goals. Join online groups that pertain to your resolution, follow industry influencers and create a system that motivates you to keep going.

Committing to a New Year’s resolution is something the majority of us struggle with. However, with these tips you can finally head into the next year knowing you tackled everything you wanted to do in this one.

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