Lilli Lingerie - First & ONLY quality lingerie Boutique in Brunei believes that each woman is unique. Many women do not know their actual bra size. However it only takes two simple measurements, under the bust and the fullest points of the bust, to find the size they should buy to feel comfortable.
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To increase women's self confidence through inner beauty

What Your Favorite Bra Says About Your Personality

Funny how you can observe people’s personality by judging how they look.   For example, if someone rock that ripped black jeans with Aerosmith’s white shirt plus the Bobbi Brown black eyeliner.   You will think the lady we describe is feeling rebellious, don’t you?   Personality can also be described...

10 Biggest Myths About Bra

Talking about our breasts are a taboo subject for most of us. And not talking about them openly only leads to myths and misconceptions. As if those weren't enough, bra myths only add to the confusion. So before you go spreading some lies about bras,...

Why You Should Invest In Your Chest

Did you know that:   Your breasts size changes every year? Some underwire inside your bra are made of Nickel which can cause skin irritation? Wearing the wrong size bra can cause annoying headache and backpain?     Most women who walk in our store were shocked when we...