Lilli Lingerie - First & ONLY quality lingerie Boutique in Brunei believes that each woman is unique. Many women do not know their actual bra size. However it only takes two simple measurements, under the bust and the fullest points of the bust, to find the size they should buy to feel comfortable.
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About Us

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Every women is unique. We have this shared desire to be beautiful, sexy, confident, forever young and empowered. It’s our aim to help you to achieve all that. All by helping you to find the right bra.

With the correctly fitted bra, you would stand looking taller, slimmer, younger, have more confidence and empowered.


A bra is not just a bra.

It’s more than just giving you a support.

We believe a bra can change lives of a woman.


Hence, changing women’s lives one bra at a time.

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Bra Fitting
Perfect bra, Perfect body

Getting the right bra fit will make you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Feeling comfortable will make you have more confident, beautiful, young and sexy. It will also:

  • Improves your posture and figure
  • Eliminates back, shoulder and neck pains
  • Perfectly shapes your breasts
Professional Bra Fitting services

First and the only lingerie Boutique in Brunei to have professional Bra Fitting services. We help you to find your actual size. Then find the right bra for you.

Lilli Lingerie

High Quality Collections

We only bring top high quality brands in order to deliver our promises to you. Wearing these brands not only make you feel beautiful and sexy… it helps you to save because it lasts.

To change women’s lives one bra at a time.

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Our aim is to help every woman in Brunei and beyond to be fitted into the correct bra. Because with the correctly fitted bra, you would stand looking taller, slimmer, younger, and with more confidence.

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Quotes & Testimonials

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“I have finally found the right sports bra, Anita Active Extreme Control sports bra! I felt comfortable already when trying on it, and can’t wait to workout.”

-Angie On Brunei Cyclist

“Dear Lily… I love the bra you suggested to me! A perfect match!”

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